Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Introducing: The New Timages Gallery

Welcome to the new Timages Gallery website, hosted by SmugMug.  Timages Gallery is the new web home for Tim Mulcahy Photography.  After nearly four years with the original site I decided it was time to upgrade to a new look offering new features.

The Home Page will feature a changing array of images selected from the entire collection.  Individual photos are organized into specific galleries by type (landscapes, architecture etc) which can be accessed via the Browse tab in the menu on the left.

Before being moved to the appropriate Gallery, new images will first be posted in the 'Recent' gallery before being moved into the appropriate gallery after a couple of weeks.  That way returning visitors can quickly view what's new by viewing the 'Recent' gallery.  This probably where frequent visitors will want to go first to find out what's new.

This new site also features a slide show option for each gallery activated via the tab at the upper right of the gallery page.  The web site is designed to be mobile friendly and should look and navigate well on whatever platform visitors use, mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

The new site will continue to support Blog posts accessible via the Blog tab in the left hand Menu.  Interested viewers can subscribe and receive e-mail notifications of new blog posts so they don;t miss any of the pearls of wisdom dispensed on the site.  I hope those visitors who subscribe to the current site will signup to stay in touch with this new site also.

I hope you enjoy the cleaner, fresher look of the site - designed to prominently feature my photography.  If you enjoy the site I hope you will become a regular visitor and will consider sharing it with friends and colleagues.