Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Photographer Jekyll and Fisherman Hyde

Like most avid trout fishermen, I like to boast about successful days in the field all the while being exceedingly evasive about the specific location of successful outings.  As a photographer I like to share images of successful days afield but have no misgivings about sharing location info.  

These schizophrenic attitudes towards location sharing create a real conundrum for me whenever I plan a post describing an outing that my Photographer Jekyll and my Fisherman Hyde go on together.  This post is a case in point.  

I had a terrific day photographing the beautiful bluffs bordering the trout stream I was fishing. The iconic bluffs are awe-inspiring and ever a source or wonder for me, revealing the geologic history of Wisconsin in their linear sandstone strata. Experiencing bluffs in tourist settings is impressive, but for me experiencing them in the Wisconsin wild is something akin to viewing animals on safari as opposed to in a zoo. So I decided to include some shots of them in the blog.  But how do I share them so that others can enjoy them for themselves someday, without giving away the secret of my fishing spot?

Well, after wrestling with the challenge for a while I think I have arrived at a solution. Here goes.

The fishing/photography trip featured today took place in the Ocooch Mountain region of Wisconsin.  

"Ocooch Mountans?" you ask.  Yes, the Ocooch.

The Ocooch Mountains, first referenced in Edwin James 1823 journals describing an expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains, are located in the Western Upland region of Wisconsin, an area better known as the Driftless Region. According to James "The only hills worthy of particular notice, not only in this variety but in the whole section under consideration, are the Ocooch and Smokey mountains, which are broad, elevated ridges rather than mountains. The former is situated twelve miles north of the Wisconsin one hundred miles above its mouth."

So there you have it. The location of these beautiful bluffs in their native environment. Not exactly GPS coordinates, but pretty darn generous by Fisherman Hyde standards.  

The last pic today is included as justification for Fisherman Hyde's obfuscation. In addition to beautiful bluffs - 'Thar's gold in them thar hills!'

This beautiful brown trout was lovingly returned to the water immediately after
this shot.  We'll do battle again I'm sure.

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