Saturday, November 3, 2018

"The 'Color-flu" Season

The Beavers' Masterpiece

As a photographer I am inclined to create many of my images in black and white or in monochromatic tones, eschewing the brazeness of bright colors in favor of displaying the shapes, patterns and textures in my images via the subtle variations of luminosity possible within the black to white spectrum.

As I approach potential scenes, camera in hand, I often visualize them in black and white, as though my camera has somehow vaccinated my vision against color, rendering the cones in my retina ineffective.

There is one season of the year, however, that color is so potent that it overpowers this vaccination, igniting my retinal cones and the red, green and blue photosites of my camera's sensor to full activity.  That 'color-flu' season is upon us now - Autumn.

Over the years I have experienced the full symptoms of this 'flu' season, creating colorful images that remind me why our retinas include cones in the first place.

Over the remainder of the month of November I will post one of my favorite 'color-flu' images everyday to my FB page. I hope you will enjoy them.

If previous years are any indication, I can expect my annual color-flu booster shot sometime in early December.  Until then let's enjoy the "flu" season.